Enjoy Sardegna

We are the uninterrupted kingdom of the mastic tree, of the waves that run down the ancient granites, of the dog rose, of the wind, of the immensity of the sea (Grazia Deledda)

Sardinia: twenty-four thousand kilometers of forests, of countryside, of coasts immersed in a miraculous sea should coincide with what I would recommend to the good Lord to give us as Paradise (Fabrizio De Andrè)


A few minutes from the center of the village of Sarroch is the Nuraghe Sa domu and S’Orcu. The Nuraghe represent architectural masterpieces built by the ancient inhabitants of Sardinia dating back to the Bronze Age 1500 years before Christ. This Nuraghe, easily reachable, is one of the best preserved in the Cagliari hinterland.


Sarroch and its territory offer many possibilities for outdoor sports whether you are a sea lover or a mountain lover.
You will discover that our territory can offer many opportunities for lovers of trekking, mountain biking and horse riding.


Agricultural Company and Educational Farm, Equestrian Club and Equestrian Rehabilitation Center and Pet Therapy Center, born from the idea of a group of people who have transformed their great passion for horse riding, horses, animals and nature into their own philosophy of life. The company is located in a natural environment of over 10 hectares immersed in a rich vegetation in which numerous domestic animals live together peacefully and freely.


The archaeological area of Nora, located in Pula, extends over a peninsula projected onto the sea that closes the Gulf of Cagliari to the south-west. Nora is a city that has passed through time, it was first inhabited by the Phoenicians and then by the Romans who left as evidence of their past life numerous ruins such as temples, baths, mosaic houses, the forum and the only Roman theater on the island